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Transform your B2B brand strategy into a powerful experience your customers can’t live without.

1:1 workshops to show B2B business owners exactly how to build a brand experience that attracts more customers, keeps them for longer and sells them more!

B2B Brand strategy consulting: create a Powerful Brand Experience and use it to dominate your competitors.

Why do you buy from a brand? What keeps you going back to them?

There are cheaper competitors out there. You know you’ll get a similar product elsewhere.

What point is there in having a favourite?

If there is no point, how are some brands able to recruit legions of loyalists?

The answer = a well-crafted brand experience.

Brand experiences are what keep us going back to our favourite brands time and time again – through the good times and the bad. They’re what help us ignore their weaknesses and love their strengths. They don’t aim to make customers of us, they want us to become brand fanatics!

A Powerful Brand Experience is made up of 3 parts:

Brand Experience Diagram

What’s the difference?

An average B2B brand:

  • is planned when a business starts
  • gets designed
  • consists mainly of a vision, a mission, some values and a logo
  • then gets put in a drawer.

A B2B ‘Brand Experience’:

  • is planned around the customer
  • touches every part of the business
  • focuses on ‘brand initiatives’
  • influences day-to-day decision making
  • is an ever-evolving organism

Don’t let day-to-day business get in the way of building your Powerful Brand Experience

Most businesses build a ‘brand’ of some kind – they’ll set a mission and define its personality and values. Then they’ll get a logo, typography and colour palette designed to bring it to life visually.

But, that’s where it ends for a lot of businesses. Then, it becomes about managing the ‘day-to-day’ marketing, sales, operations, customer support etc.

The ‘B2B brand’ as a concept gets sidelined. You’ll try to teach the team what the brand is about and they’ll do their best to listen, but you’re not actively managing it within the business.

Sounds familiar, right?

Do you feel like your B2B brand isn’t working hard enough to grow your business for you? That the relationship is only good enough to bring in some ‘customers’, instead of hundreds of dedicated brand fanatics? If so, you’re probably not standing out in the market right now.

That can all change. Your brand can power-up every aspect of your day-to-day business!

Let’s take your B2B brand strategy and turn it into a Powerful Brand Experience.

The brand experience workshop approach that we’ll go through together is a comprehensive step-by-step process to:

  • Figure out what’s working and what isn’t for your brand
  • Figure out your audience’s transformation narrative
  • Define a solid brand strategy – based on what your customers need to become brand fanatics
  • Ensure your brand vision, mission, personality and values live up to the promise your brand is making
  • Review your brand’s visual style and refresh if needed to add to the experience
  • Examine all the key touchpoints with your customers in the business
  • Plan transformational experience elements for each touchpoint
  • Create initiatives to ensure team members are always contributing to the success of your brand.

I’ve designed this brand strategy consulting approach to give you complete control over how the brand progresses your business. You’ll come out with a defined plan, actionable insights and a deeper understanding of what your customer needs from you at each key stage of their journey to turn them into hardcore brand fanatics.

I’ve worked with tiny startups right through to global enterprises to help them figure out who their brand is, what it should be saying and how it’s going to build an experience for customers.

This is B2B brand strategy at its simplest.

So don’t worry if right now you’re thinking:

“I don’t understand how a brand converts into sales”

“I don’t know enough about marketing to build a brand experience”

“I don’t know how to understand customers better”

It’s your job to know your product, service and market really well. It’s mine to show you how to build a brand experience for your customers!

Plus, I can support clients with follow-up consultation calls as and when you need them, to make sure you stay on track.

B2B brand strategy customer

“Burning Need has really helped me identify how to speak the language of my clients. I know my services inside out, but I get too sucked into offering them and so it’s tough to know how to position them in the market. Stuart helped me crystallise what my brand actually means to my customers, so that I could focus on building a great brand experience. He’s been fantastic to work with – very professional, efficient and most importantly results-driven!”

Dr. Lalitaa Suglani, Performance-led Executive Psychologist.

How businesses benefit from creating brand fanatics instead of customers:

Their customers spend more with them, more often.

They keep their best customers for longer.

They attract more of their ideal customers and fewers time-wasters.

They’re the last brand standing in the customer’s life when times are hard.

They always know what to say and how to say it.

Their brands attract attention, partnerships and opportunities.

The Powerful Brand Experience is an all-invasive mindset shift.

It changes how you look at all areas of your business to focus relentlessly on deepening the connection with your audience. Are you ready to get started?

Book the discovery call now and get 3 months of support calls for free when you book the workshop (normally £450).

What’s the ‘Powerful Brand Experience’ process?

1. Your Short Discovery Call

To figure out if we’re a good fit to work together.

2. Your Existing Brand Audit

We gather some info together about where you are now.

3. Brand Experience Strategy Consulting Sessions

Together we define the brand and experience we need to build.

4. Brand Experience Action Plan

We define the steps and initiatives needed for key business areas.

5. Roll-Out, Reporting, Check-Ins

Execute the plan, report on key metrics and we check in to ensure success!

What will my ‘Brand Experience’ look like?

The exact initiatives and outputs of the brand strategy consulting sessions vary to fit the unique nature of each business. We’ll audit together what you have and what you need, but here’s an outline of what I’d want you to have at the end:

  1. A brand defined around your customer and their needs
  2. An agreed ‘brand experience’
  3. A visual identity that reflects the brand
  4. A map of all key customer touch points
  5. A creative plan of the brand initiatives
  6. A rollout plan to create, execute and improve
  7. A results tracker to help you measure tangible progress

Is my business right for the strategic brand experience approach?

A powerful brand experience is needed to compete effectively in pretty much every industry. It doesn’t matter what size your business is. Got bigger competitors? Good. Your brand experience will be the strategic advantage you need to defeat their bigger budgets.

This B2B brand strategy consulting is designed for businesses that acknowledge their brand is not lifting its weight to draw in dedicated customers. Whether it’s a one-man band or a team of 100 people, there’s only one question you need to ask – does the business need more ‘brand fanatics’?

Am I right for this approach?

I’ve designed these B2B brand strategy workshops for people who are serious about investing in the success of their business. Before applying, check you’re willing to:

  • Let go of making your brand about you and your business
  • Focus on nothing but what your customer needs, all of the time
  • Work directly with me, for several days, depending on the size of your team
  • Follow processes consistently once you’ve set them up
  • Stay focussed on the agreed plan to drive results

If you can agree to all of the above, let’s have a chat!

Feel like a Powerful Brand Experience is right for your business?

Great! Apply for the short discovery call today and we’ll have a chat about the process, plus you and your business, to see if the Powerful Brand Experience approach is what your B2B brand strategy needs to move forward.

Book the discovery call now and get 3 months of support calls for free when you book the workshop (normally £450).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this brand strategy consulting cost?
This depends on how complex your products/services are, how much you already have in place for your brand, what you want to achieve and how big your team is. The price is calculated on a day rate, so I can easily give you a straightforward quote either on or after the discovery call. As a rough guide, if you’re expecting to carry out a strategic business level investment on a few hundred pounds, it’ll be out of your budget.

Do I have to take the follow-up calls?
Nope! These are an on-demand service to help you execute on the plan. You can take no calls, or do one a month – it’s whatever you need. These are normally £150 for a one-hour call (not representative of the workshop day rate).

Where are you based?
I’m currently based in Birmingham, UK. I’m happy to travel for workshops, or we can do virtual sessions if we think it’s suitable when we have our discovery call.

Is it better to do a physical or virtual workshop?
This depends on how you like to work and the size of your business. We can decide on the discovery call if we think virtual workshops are an option.

I’m a one-person business, how will I create the outputs needed?
During the workshops, we’ll go over your time, ability and budget. From there, we can figure out how to best use in-house, outsourced and customer resources to reach your goals. I have a team that can help with any copy, visual or web elements you might need, if that’s something you want based on the work we do together.

How will I find the time to follow this through properly?
The workshops are all about setting up goals and processes that work for you. Ideally, as a business owner, we want to set you up to direct the process, with the day-to-day elements created and managed through your team, outsourced, through partners or with your customers.[/su_spoiler
What’s a brand fanatic?
When you say ‘customer’, you assume they buy something but we don’t know what their loyalty or feeling towards your brand are. With a ‘brand fanatic’ it’s very obvious. They’re the ones that buy everything you launch, soak up every bit of information you send them, leave reviews, share your content and recommend your products or services. This process is about focussing on how to create as many brand fanatics as possible.

How will I know if it’s working?
I’ll help you make sure the proper measurements are in place to see exactly how your brand experience efforts are helping your business to grow.

What results can I expect?
Expect to see results across: team motivation, team retention, customer acquisition, customer retention, customer spend and customer satisfaction. But don’t forget that brand experience building takes time to compound and each business is different. So, to combat that, I’ll make sure you get at least one brand experience initiative in place quickly (hopefully more, depending on your resources) – so that you can quickly see benefits. We can decide together in which results area that initiative needs to sit.