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Build a B2B content marketing strategy that transforms your business into a happy customer magnet.

1:1 content strategy workshops to walk business owners through every step of a strategy plan that generates online leads and sales for their business 24/7!

Finally get what ‘B2B content marketing strategy’ means and use it to grow your business online

Do you feel like your online marketing could be a great source of growth, but right now it’s ad-hoc and not generating any returns? Do you hold back on investing in your online business as a result? I can guess at the battle that goes through your mind:

“I want my website to bring me regular new business BUT I don’t want to get locked into expensive monthly fees with agencies”

“I want people to find us online BUT I don’t want to commit to something I don’t understand”

“I want customers to fall in love with us BUT I’m not confident I can create great content”

“I want sales to come in even when I’m not doing sales BUT I feel like agencies don’t care whether I get results or not”

“I want to support myself and grow a team BUT I don’t have time or ability to get sales through content marketing”

These B2B content marketing strategy workshops offer understanding. So that you know exactly how to create great content that brings in sales – with the time, budget and ability level that suits you.

Forget the ‘Marketing Mix’ – it’s leeching on your business

The problem is that business owners nowadays are constantly bombarded with marketing tactics that are ‘perfect’ for their business.

It seems like there’s always an agency with a handy monthly package that will finally start to bring in all those sales you’ve been after, using a bunch of digital marketing tactics.

It’s easy to wind up paying 2 or 3 agencies at the same time to run different marketing tactics for you, in the hope that one of them will get decent results.

These agencies are not wrong to offer those services. Just like your friend who suggests ‘using Facebook ads with a video’ because ‘Mark did it with his dog bed business and now he makes £15,000/month’ means well, but they’ve been duped by the same villain…

The Marketing Mix is out to get your cash. It’s a term we’re all taught at the most basic level of marketing – ‘a group of marketing tactics that helps get customers to buy your products’. But in reality, it’s a malicious fog and it’s very good at stealing the money of hardworking business owners!

The marketing mix is a tactical machine. You should never operate a tactical machine without a strategy that details how and why you’re going to use it. If you do, it’ll happily swallow your cash.

That’s what content marketing is all about. A strategy about how and why you will create content, plus how you will get it in front of your audience, so that you know exactly how you will generate leads and sales.

Let’s work together to stop using a ‘tactical marketing mix’ and start using ‘content marketing strategy’.

  • Understand your audience on a deeper level
  • Figure out your content purpose
  • Set your content goals
  • Generate the most important content topics and ideas
  • Build-in audience feedback and questions
  • Set-up a tailored content creation process
  • Set-up a content publication process
  • Set-up a content promotion process
  • Manage your content with KPIs, a review process and an editorial calendar

Ready to generate leads and sales from your content?

Great! Apply for the short discovery call today and we’ll have a chat about the process, plus you and your business, to see if a content marketing approach is what your B2B business needs to grow.

Book the discovery call now and get 3 months of support calls for free when you book the workshop (normally £450).

“Stuart’s workshop has transformed my approach to marketing in general and content marketing, in particular.

I contracted Burning Need to help me build a content marketing strategy after meeting Stuart at a networking event. Their simple but thorough workshops enabled me to refine my proposition and ideal customer profile. The materials provided allowed me to work through several exercises to understand where my ideal customer gets their information and structure a campaign to build their interest, trust and commitment in my services.

Since completing the workshops, all of my marketing has been based on the outputs generated. I have built a significant online presence and multiple inbound leads using only the techniques I learned.”

James Bolle, Director of PRPSFL

Reap the benefits of a well-oiled B2B content marketing strategy

A solid content marketing strategy plan does more than just help you create content, it redefines the way you engage with your audience and customers. When you have a strategic plan in place, you can expect:

  • Total understanding of how you can engage people online to generate leads, opportunities and sales consistently
  • The ability to filter marketing tactics that will help you reach your goals from those which are a waste of time
  • Love, respect and engagement from your target audience and your customers
  • A deeper relationship between your brand and your target audience that’s built on value exchange
  • The confidence to separate your brand’s online presence from all the other noise out there on the web
  • A compounding effect on your sales over time – the more effective content marketing you do, the more your list and sales pipeline grows each month, the bigger the effect it has on your business each month

“My workshop with Stu of Burning Need was invaluable.

I went in feeling overwhelmed about my strategy and how I was going to engage this particular set of customers… I was dreading having to create the content too! Stu came incredibly prepared, he knew my brand, brand message and he just ‘got it’ straight away. The workshop had a great structure, but lots of room for creativity. He gave me some incredible ideas, and helped to pull out what I already knew about my customers, but hadn’t been able to strategise properly.

I left with a well thought out action plan, deadlines and a full idea of the content I needed to create, the platforms it would sit on and most importantly I understood why! I’m now excited to make and schedule the content, which is awesome. It was a pleasure working with Stu and I’d recommend it for any business wanting to really get ahead of content marketing and engage their customers in an innovative way.”

Lynsey Le keux, Boss Lady at Le Keux Events

What’s in the B2B content marketing strategy plan?

1. Audience Understanding
2. Content Purpose, Vision & Goals
3. Content Ideas Process
4. Creation & Publication Process
5. Content Promotion Process
6. Results & Feedback Loop

How do I start?

1. Discovery Chat

We have a short call to figure out if this is the best place for you to focus your efforts.

2. Content Marketing Strategy Workshop

We work together in face-to-face or virtual workshop sessions to build out a strategy plan that’s unique to you and your business. You then go out and start executing on the plan!

3. Follow-up Consultation Calls

If and when you need them, to use as a soundboard for ideas, to get some inspiration or just to feel reassured you’re on the right track.

Book the discovery call now and get 3 months of support calls for free when you book the workshop (normally £450).

Is my business right for content marketing?

Content is a core element of pretty much every business that advertises its presence online. That said, I’ve designed these workshops around specific types of businesses for best results:

B2B businesses
B2C Services

Content marketing is the ultimate tool for complex offerings:

  • Businesses with products and services that need a little explaining to fully understand their value
  • Professional services businesses
  • Tech or software-as-a-service businesses
  • Coaches, consultants and online course creators

Am I right for these workshops?

I’ve designed these content marketing strategy workshops for people who are serious about investing in the success of their business online. Before applying, check you’re willing to:

  • Let go of making content about you and your business
  • Focus on nothing but what your customer needs, all of the time
  • Work directly with me, potentially for several days, depending on the size of your team
  • Follow processes consistently once you’ve set them up
  • Stay focussed on the agreed plan to drive results

If you can agree to all of the above, let’s have a chat!

Ready to build your happy customer magnet?

The time for getting lost in the tactical fog of the Marketing Mix is over. Forget the ad-hoc ways of the past and get your clear, results-focussed plan in place! Book a discovery call now so we can get a steady stream of online leads, customers and sales into your business.

Book the discovery call now and get 3 months of support calls for free when you book the workshop (normally £450).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do these content marketing strategy workshops cost?
This depends on how complex your products/services are, what you want to achieve and how big your team is. The price is calculated on a day rate, so I can easily give you a straightforward quote either on or after the discovery call. As a rough guide, if you’re expecting PeoplePerHour prices, it’ll be out of your budget!
Do I have to take the follow-up calls?
Nope! These are an on-demand service to help you execute on the plan. You can take no calls, or do one a month – it’s whatever you need. These are normally £150 for a one-hour call (not representative of the workshop day rate).
Where are you based?
I’m currently based in Birmingham, UK. I’m happy to travel for workshops, or we can do virtual sessions if we think it’s suitable when we have our discovery call.
Is it better to do a physical or virtual workshop?
This depends on how you like to work and the size of your business. We can decide on the discovery call if we think virtual workshops are an option.
How will I find the time to follow this through properly?
The workshops are all about setting up goals and processes that work for you. Ideally, as a business owner or marketing leader, we want to set you up to direct the process, with the day to day elements created and managed through your team, outsourced, through content partners or through your customers.
I can’t write well. I’m not creative. Will this still work for me?
You do not need to create the content yourself if you have a team or you’re willing to outsource elements. You just need to be able to empathise with your customer and follow a set process that we’ll create together.
How will I know if it’s working?
I’ll help you make sure the proper analytics and tracking is in place to see exactly which sales are coming from your online content marketing efforts.
What results can I expect?
Content marketing takes time to compound and each business is different. So, to combat that, we’ll make sure you get at least one lead generation funnel in place quickly – so that you can quickly see pipeline benefits from your content marketing. A good rule of thumb is to expect a quick spike in results (because you’ve now got a live content funnel), then when it levels off to aim for a 5% month-on-month increase in traffic, leads and sales by adding more content funnels. This compounds to mean big business growth!