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Create Brand Fanatics.

Craft an all-powerful B2B brand experience to become the business your ideal audience can’t live without.

Use B2B brand experience strategy to create a deep relationship with your audience and grow your business.

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Are you wandering through the fog of the marketing mix?

It’s time you learned the truth. ‘Marketing’ will never work for you… if you’re only trying to create ‘customers’.

Don’t worry, there’s another way to grow your business with B2B marketing.

There exists a dedicated group of business owners, working hard to craft ‘brand experiences’. All-powerful creations that don’t want to attract customers, but instead create legions of dedicated ‘brand fanatics’!

Brand Fanatic / brænd fəˈnæt ɪk /


  1. A person with an extreme enthusiasm or zeal for all things related to your business.
  2. A feverishly loyal customer and ardent brand advocate.
customers shout about your B2B brand

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Stuart Harrison

B2B Brand Experience Strategy Consultant

I believe the key to successfully growing a business is to focus purely on the value you can bring to the life of your customer by honing in on their ‘burning needs’. What’s the biggest challenge your brand could solve for them right now? How can you delight them by dramatically surpassing their expectations? How can you foster an incredible brand experience across every single customer touchpoint?

It’s the purpose-driven brands who can answer those questions that will solve the world’s biggest challenges, not governments!

I worked in agencies, consulting global B2B tech businesses on their brand and content strategy. I also co-founded an award-winning herbal tea business. Now, I’m on a mission as a brand experience strategy consultant to transform a group of B2B businesses into the undisputed world-leaders of crafting awe-inspiring brand experiences!

Stuart Harrison B2B Brand Strategy Consultant

Start creating brand fanatics for your B2B business today.

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