About Me – Marketing Strategy Consultant

What is a ‘Burning Need’?

A ‘Burning Need’ is an urgent need someone has that can’t easily be fulfilled by just any brand. If you step up and fulfil it for them in a way that fits them as a person, they’ll absolutely love everything about you, your product/service and your brand.

I created Burning Need to forever banish the idea that creating a product and hoping for the best is a valid way to do business.

The future will be won by the brands that are able to tune in to the needs of their customers so acutely, the customer doesn’t even feel like a customer. Instead, they feel like a valued member of a larger movement which aligns to their core values as an individual.

Reinforcing that feeling over and over again across every part of your business is what creates a ‘Brand Experience’ and turns customers into ‘Brand Fanatics’.

That’s what I’m going to show you how to do for your business.

Where I’ve come from

Marketing Strategy Consultant and Start-up Founder

I thought I had a really good handle on marketing.

Especially content marketing, as I worked for an agency as a strategic planner. I helped global brands figure out what their core message was, who they wanted to tell and how to reach them.

Then I launched my own start up. I struggled to write content or do any effective marketing to build a strong brand because I needed to wear all the hats.

We made great progress in the business and even won awards – but there was sooo much potential left untapped.

Stuart Harrison - former owner of Remedy Roots and marketing strategy consultant
Wearing all the hats!
Remedy Roots herbal wellness tea brand
Our wellness tea business – Remedy Roots

We got good engagement when we published pieces and communicated with customers, but couldn’t afford an agency to keep up the flow and didn’t plan well enough to manage it ourselves.

So our content marketing stayed ad hoc, our brand experience was poorly planned and we got patchy results. In other words, I was totally naïve running my first business!

I got lost in the fog of the marketing mix – trying to do everything at once because it all sounded like a good idea.

That made me realise that business owners need a clear, easy-to-follow plan for customer-centric marketing to get ANY results for their brand!

My Vision

Turn a group of businesses into the undisputed world leaders of crafting awe-inspiring brand experiences!

Now, I’m using everything I know about strategic brand and content marketing to help businesses build powerful brand experiences. These align their teams, win more customers, get customers to stay for longer and spend more, create raving brand advocates and skyrocket the value of their brand.

My Mission

Banish the ‘Marketing Mix’ and build up the momentum of the ‘Brand Fanatic’ concept.

I’m using practical resources, strategy workshops and content collaborations to show as many businesses as possible how to build a powerful brand experience step-by-step.

I’m going to show them the evils of the ‘Marketing Mix’ and get them to focus not on tactics, but on using a consistent strategy to turn customers into ‘Brand Fanatics’.

Finally, I’ve launched the Guild of Brand Builders – a faction of dedicated business owners working hard to craft and hone mystical brand experiences. All-powerful creations that won’t look to attract customers, but instead create legions of dedicated brand fanatics! This collection of brand experience apprentices, journeymen and masters will form the foundation of results-hungry individuals that make my vision a reality.