[Infographic] What is a brand experience?

And how do you build your own?

You know how you can’t live without some brands, and couldn’t care less about others?

Well the ‘secret sauce’ difference between them, is a powerful brand experience.

Understand the difference between an ‘average brand’ and a ‘brand experience’, so that you can start to power up your own business. Attract more customers, keep them for longer and get them to spend more – not with hard-hitting sales tactics, but with the magnetism of a brand that has a purpose, tells a good story and stays consistent across every single customer touchpoint.

Take a look at the infographic below:

What is a brand experience? Infographic - Burning Need

Ready to build your own Powerful Brand Experience?

I’ve put together a step-by-step ultimate guide to help you build your own brand experience. Use my prescriptive guidance to create an experience for a new brand, or to power up your existing business.

Just make sure you’re happy to:

  • Let go of making your brand all about you and your business
  • Focus only on what your customer needs, all of the time
  • Get input from your team on new brand initiatives
The Ultimate Guide to Building a Powerful Brand Experience - Burning Need

Download ‘the Ultimate Guide to Building a Brand Experience’

How do you manage your customer’s experience of your brand?

Brand strategy can still feel really ethereal. Every company has their own way of managing the brand as an ‘entity’. Some don’t bother and crack on with business as usual, where others have a dedicated team who focus night and day on the brand. There might not be a right answer, but there are definitely brands that stand out, and others that fade into the noise.

Do you and your team actively manage the impact your brand is having across all of your customer’s touchpoints with your business? What are you looking for and how do you measure it? Let me know in the comments section below.

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