Branding Brief Template

This branding brief template is the project resource that makes working with brand designers easy, quick and full of great results.

Brand design is one of the most important creative investments your business will ever make. A branding brief template can help you maximise the payoff from that investment.

So, how do you make sure you get the best out of a branding project?

The key is to be on the same page as the designer.

Literally. Have pages that you can both look at and agree on.

Those pages are known as a branding brief.

This branding brief template is the same one that I use with my clients to make sure their branding project runs on time, on budget and produces great results. Feel free to download and use it for your own branding design project!

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Download Burning Need’s branding brief template.

What’s in the template?

This branding brief template contains:

  • All the key sections needed for an effective brand project – verified by professional brand designers
  • Section suggestions and assistance to make filling out the sections as easy as possible
  • A space for ‘must haves’ – where you can paste any examples or thoughts around brand design that’s inspired you
  • A list of design output specifics so that you know you’re getting everything you should be from the designer

Who the branding brief template is for?

I’ve created this template to be flexible. It’s for:

  • Start-ups and one-man bands who want to create their first brand identity
  • Business owners who want to revamp their existing visual identity

BONUS: Branding briefing tips from professional brand designers

I work directly with B2B brands to help them build a powerful brand experience, create content that converts and stand out in the marketplace.

I often find myself working with or chatting to fantastic brand designers in the process.

Here are some great tips from Squibble and the Design Coach, two professional branding entities, to help you get the most out of your branding project:

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