The B2B Content Marketing Toolkit

The bundle that gives you everything you need to run a powerful content marketing machine in your business.

There’s so much in this bundle that I’m still trying to package it all together (like when you take a tent out of it’s carry-case and you’re pretty sure it’s never going to fit back in).

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What’s in the template?

This content marketing toolkit contains:

  • Worksheets
  • Video walkthroughs for worksheets
  • Successful content marketing case studies – analyse their strategies and show them how to recreate
  • Content process checklists
  • Access to a dedicated content marketing portal
  • Subscriber building plans tailored to different list sizes
  • A content funnel building tool
  • Content marketing strategy deck
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Content atomiser template
  • Content promotion checklist
  • Briefing templates
  • Content marketing success tracker

Note: This is the current plan. Some of these are proving trickier to put together than others!

Who is this bundle for?

Anyone who is ready to take content marketing seriously:

  • Start-ups and one-man bands who want to get content marketing off the ground
  • Marketing heads managing a team of content producers
  • Business owners outsourcing to freelancers and contractors

This toolkit pairs perfectly with my free extensive content marketing plan guide, which you can find here.

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