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The step-by-step online course for B2B businesses that shows you exactly how to grow your business with a legion of brand fanatics.

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Create a Powerful Brand Experience and use it to dominate your competitors.

Why do you buy from a brand? What keeps you going back to them?

There are cheaper competitors out there. You know you’ll get a similar product elsewhere.

What sense is there to have a favourite?

If there is no point, how are some brands able to recruit legions of loyalists?

The answer = a well-crafted brand experience.

Brand experiences are what keep us going back to our favourite brands time and time again – through the good times and the bad. They’re what help us ignore their weaknesses and love their strengths. They don’t aim to make customers of us, they want us to become brand fanatics!

A powerful brand experience is made up of 3 parts:

What’s the difference?

An average brand:

  • gets planned when a business starts
  • gets designed
  • consists mainly of a vision, a mission, some values and a logo
  • then gets put in a drawer.

A Brand Experience:

  • gets planned around the customer
  • is designed to touch every part of the business
  • has everything an average brand has, but focuses on ‘brand initiatives’
  • is used in day-to-day decision making
  • is an ever-evolving organism

I’ve designed this process to be as simple as possible. So don’t worry if right now you’re thinking:

“I don’t understand how a brand converts into sales”

“I don’t know enough about marketing to build a brand experience”

“I don’t know how to understand customers better”

It’s your job to know your product, service and market really well. It’s mine to show you how to build a brand experience for your customers and your team!

“Burning Need has really helped me identify how to speak the language of my clients. I know my services inside out, but I get too sucked into offering them and so it’s tough to know how to position them in the market. Stuart helped me crystallise what my brand actually means to my customers, so that I could focus on building a great brand experience. He’s been fantastic to work with – very professional, efficient and most importantly results-driven!”

Dr. Lalitaa Suglani, Performance-led Executive Psychologist.

The Powerful Brand Experience is an all-invasive mindset shift.

It changes how you look at all areas of your business to focus relentlessly on deepening the connection with your audience. Are you ready to get started?

Apply now to be one of 10 businesses that attends the BETA course for free and get lifetime access to the ‘Guild of Brand Builders’ – a membership group for business owners working together to create transformative brand experiences.

How businesses benefit from creating brand fanatics instead of customers:

Their customers spend more with them, more often.

They keep their best customers for longer.

They attract more of their ideal customers and fewers time-wasters.

They’re the last brand standing in the customer’s life when times are hard.

They always know what to say and how to say it.

Their brands attract attention, partnerships and opportunities.

‘Build a Powerful Brand Experience’ course outline

Module 1: Define the Brand Idea that your Customers will Crave

  • How did we get where we are?
  • What do we want to carry through?
  • What do we want to leave behind?
  • What problem are we solving and for whom?

Module 2: Discover the Customers who have ‘Brand Fanatic’ Potential

  • Who are they?
  • What do they really want?
  • What functions does our brand need to do in order to give them what they want?

Module 3: Create the Customer Narrative that will give them a Tribe

  • What is the story in which our customer is the hero?
  • What does their transformation look like?
  • What are the central tenets they will share and adhere to?

Module 4: Build your Guide Brand who they’ll turn to for help

  • How do we reinvent ourselves as the hero’s guide through the story?
  • What are our vision, mission, values and personality?
  • What makes us different?
  • What are our sources of authority?
  • How do we create something far bigger than ourselves?

Module 5: Create a Memorable Brand Identity they’ll Fall in Love with

  • How do we select our name?
  • How do we give the brand a memorable identity?
  • How do we work with creatives effectively to bring it to life?

Module 6: Define the Irresistible Brand Experience they want from you

  • What should our internal culture look like?
  • How does that culture extend into the external world?
  • What are our key touch points with our colleagues and customers?
  • How do we create brand initiatives across those touchpoints to create and accelerate a powerful brand experience?

Module 7: Set the Launch Plan and Start Creating Brand Fanatics

  • What does our marketing launch look like?
  • How do we launch internal brand initiatives?
  • What’s the step-by-step plan of action that gets us to our desired outcomes?

Module 8: Measure Success and Get Feedback to Grow

  • How do we measure brand value?
  • How do we know if it’s working?
  • How do we continually improve?

Is my business right for this strategic Brand Experience approach?

This approach is designed for B2B businesses that acknowledge their brand is not lifting its weight to draw in dedicated customers. Whether it’s a one-man band or a team of 100 people, there’s only one question you need to ask – does the business need a more valuable brand experience for its customers?

Am I right for this approach?

I’ve designed this course for people who are serious about investing in the success of their business. Before applying, check you’re willing to:

  • Let go of making your brand about you and your business
  • Focus on nothing but what your customer needs, all of the time
  • Work directly with me and the course group across the 8 modules
  • Stay focussed on the agreed plan to drive results

If you can agree to all of the above, apply to be on the BETA course for free now!

Apply now for the ‘Build a Powerful Brand Experience’ course.

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Application deadline:
Wednesday 12th August OR when the 10 places are filled.

Course start estimate:
Week commencing 24th August.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
For this first BETA version of the online course, it will be FREE for 6-10 participants. After that, the course will be priced at somewhere between £1500 and £2000. You’ll also be invited to the Guild of Brand Builders membership community. You’ll have free lifetime access to this community for as long as you wish to participate. This will then be a paid community for any future course participants.

If I miss a session will I miss out?
The sessions will be recorded so that you can access them if you can’t make one of the modules. But, you’ll still need to catch-up and complete the tasks before the next session!

Do I have to actively take part?
Yes! Each module will consist of a training webinar, followed by tasks to complete before the next session. Once the modules are complete, you’ll be moved into the Guild of Brand Builders membership area, where your cohort will form a mastermind group. You’ll be expected to meet with them virtually at set intervals to help each other continue the brand building journey.

Where and how will the workshop be delivered?
I’m currently based in Birmingham, UK, but the workshop will be delivered online. The sessions will be live and there will be room for you to ask questions and have a 1:1 catch-up with me to talk through any challenges you’re facing in building your Brand Experience.

I’m a one-person business, how will I create the outputs needed?
During the course modules, we’ll go over your time, ability and budget. I’ll make suggestions on how to best use in-house, outsourced and customer resources to reach your goals. I have a team that can help with any copy, visual or web elements you might need, if that’s something you want based on the work we do together.

How will I find the time to follow this through properly?
The online course is all about setting up goals and processes that work for you. Ideally, as a business owner, we want to set you up to direct the process, with the day-to-day elements created and managed through your team, outsourced, through partners or with your customers.[/su_spoiler
What’s a brand fanatic?
When you say ‘customer’, you assume they buy something but we don’t know what their loyalty or feeling towards your brand are. With a ‘brand fanatic’ it’s very obvious. They’re the ones that buy everything you launch, soak up every bit of information you send them, leave reviews, share your content and recommend your products or services. This process is about focussing on how to create as many brand fanatics as possible.

How will I know if it’s working?
I’ll help you make sure the proper measurements are in place to see exactly how your brand experience efforts are helping your business to grow.

What results can I expect?
Expect to see results across: team motivation, team retention, customer acquisition, customer retention, customer spend and customer satisfaction. But don’t forget that brand experience building takes time to compound and each business is different. So, to combat that, I’ll make sure you get at least one brand experience initiative in place quickly (hopefully more, depending on your resources) – so that you can quickly see benefits. We can decide together in which results area that initiative needs to sit.