‘Done-for-You’ B2B Content Marketing Service.

Consistently publish compelling content to generate more inbound leads, without lifting a finger. Packages start from as little as £300 per month.

Please note: This content marketing service is for 10 B2B businesses in the Midlands only. Once these spots are gone, we’ll operate a waiting list for new prospective content clients.

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A very happy client.

Consistent content drives sales.


B2B content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing.

(Source: Demand Metric)

62% less

It also costs much less than traditional outbound.

(Source: Demand Metric)


Prioritising blogging makes you 13 times more likely to see a positive marketing ROI.

(Source: HubSpot)

Yet the reality for small B2B businesses is:

  • It’s difficult to find content creators who understand your market
  • Internal team members are busy
  • Hiring content employees can be prohibitively expensive
  • The owner already wears too many hats

This all adds up to ad-hoc content creation – which doesn’t drive any business results.

‘Done-for-you’ B2B content marketing drives relevant traffic to your website.

1. A kick-off session to understand your marketing goals

2. A B2B marketing expert gets to know your business, market and audience

3. A B2B content marketing plan is created, including themes, keywords and content ideas

4. ‘Content packs’ are then created on a monthly basis to follow the plan

5. The content can be published directly on your website and social channels

6. You reap the rewards of consistent content marketing without the hassle

Start driving business results with your content.

All content marketing packages have an initial 3-month commitment, then switch to a 30-day rolling contract.

It’s time content marketing became an asset, not a headache.

Who this B2B content marketing service is for:

  • B2B small businesses
  • who are Midlands-based
  • and can commit to at least three months of activity

Why it’s right for those businesses:

  • In-depth understanding of your business and audience
  • Quality content produced by a B2B content marketing consultant
  • As little effort as possible for you and your team

What do content packs look and feel like?

Check out an example content pack here, as created for Burning Need’s own content marketing efforts.

Speak to us to see if our one-stop content shop is right for you.

Remember: We’re only accepting ten clients at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your content marketing service cost?
Packages start at £300 and increase depending on the number of ‘content packs’ you want from us each month.

How do you create the content so efficiently?
We use the latest in text generation and editing tools to speed up the process. This includes generative AI where appropriate. All content is edited and approved by a B2B marketing expert before it gets sent to you or your audience.

Can I change the content plan once it's created?
Yes! We understand that business priorities change. Just give us a briefing on what’s changing and give us 30 days to implement changes to the plan and the content packs created.

Will this solve all my marketing challenges?
In a word, no! This content creation service helps get your marketing off the ground, then keeps it alive. Think of them as a solid foundation on which you can build over time. And we can help you build, with other B2B marketing services available to discuss.

I’m a one-person business, how will you make it easy enough for me to manage?
We can schedule content directly into your channels if you give us access. This means all you have to do is approve the content – we’ll do the rest.

Will this help my site rank better in search engines?
Yes. Each content pack will be aligned to a specific keyword relevant to your audience and business.

Can you create additional content and other content formats?
These packages are designed as basic ‘always-on’ content efforts to ensure you always have some sort of marketing activity scheduled – a level of consistency which helps with search engine ranking and audience engagement. We can quote you for additional / more complex content pieces.

How will I know if this content marketing service is working?
You’ll be able to measure the difference in traffic to your website, engagement on social media, and inbound leads from your website.